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Regulamin [BaseBuilder] [PL/ENG]


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Regulations BaseBuilder




1. Rules of the game

1.1. It is strictly forbidden to use programs/scripts that facilitate the gameplay.

1.2. It is forbidden to send hate/ mock/ criticize users or their person.

1.3. Abusing the voice or text chat is prohibited.

1.4. It is not allowed to advertise other servers or server networks.

1.5. You may not intentionally hinder your team members from playing.

1.6. You may not include offensive/racist content in your nickname.

1.7. Everyone is obliged to follow the map objectives. (CTs defend themselves on the base. Zombies actively attack CT bases)

1.8. All offenses of the players are reported to [email protected]

1.9. It is forbidden to announce false game rules/rules.

1.10. It is forbidden for persons who have not undergone mutation to abuse the microphone.

1.11. It is forbidden to shoot in the Zombie's spawn area.

1.12. It is strictly forbidden to shoot at Zombies when they are not entering our base.

1.13 We do not impede our team.

1.14 Advertising on the server is prohibited. The server is not a market!

1.15 No bugging the server.

1.16 Do not enter your own base, through the base of others.

1.17 No building on the Zombie's respawn.

1.18 No building near the respawn on maps where there is a possibility of using a boost.

1.19 When building, keep an appropriate distance from other builders.

1.20 Allowed advertising in the nickname such as: goboosting.pl etc.

1.21 Forbid leaving and entering in order to change teams.

1.22 On one base, can be up to two ct's.

1.23 Persons who do not follow the map objectives (Standing or being AFK) have the right to be killed by people in the bases.

1.24 It is forbidden to run away from the base camp.

1.25 Each base is limited to a maximum of 2 pixels;

A normal pixel - counts as 1 pixel

Minus - counts as 1 pixel

Square - counts as 1 pixel

Stand-up - counts as 1 pixel

Movement - counts as 1 pixel

Which is to say;


By making regular pixels we can add 2 of them

1.26 Each base built by a team (party) is limited to maximum 2 pixels

1.27 We can use maximum 2 surfs in each base.

1.28 When building a base with 2 surfs we cannot use an additional pixel!

1.29 Parties allowed from 2 Zombies

1.30 Reconnects are prohibited

1.31 It is forbidden to build a camp just before the spawn. 

1.32 It is strictly forbidden to intentionally build a spawn base so that when an invasion occurs a part of it is removed by our anti build spawn system preventing TT entry!

1.33 A block (obstacle) from the edge of the platform must be placed at such a distance that the whole zombie model fits and does not have to stick out half of its body above the ground otherwise it is counted as a pixel

1.34 Possible number of slowers without party = 3 with party = 2

1.35 It is forbidden to gain levels/money in any other way than playing according to the rules.

1.36  forbidden is to have a nickname with UNICODE characters, minimum 3 letters are required in the QWERTY system

1.37 It is forbidden to enter someones base through another base as a Zombie

1.38 It is forbidden to enter someone base without a party.


What is a pixel, minus, square and surf?


Regular pixel


































2. Administration

2.1 The Administration is obliged to obey the server rules.

2.2 Administration is obliged to help players, when they report such need.

2.3 Administration is obliged to obey punishment schedule.

2.4 Administration is obliged to check player, whose game seems to be suspicious.

2.5 Administration is obliged to report any technical problems of the server to the Supervisor or Owner.

2.6 Administration is obliged to say in a complaint, which concerns him, or in an appeal from a ban, which he has given (within 24 hours from appearing of the topic).

2.7. Administration is obliged to respond to messages from players ([email protected]).

2.8. the Administrator is obliged to inform about a mistake in the penalty by sending information to the Supervisor or Owner.

2.9. the Administrator can waive or reduce the penalty, if the player has expressed remorse and improved his behavior.

2.10. Administrator has the right to increase the length of punishment, if the player repeatedly violates the rules.

2.11. Administrator should use [email protected] chat to instruct players, give them important information etc.

2.12. The board admin has the right to change the map if the current map is not working properly.

2.13. An administrator does not have the right to remove his blocks in order to enter the base.

2.14. The administrator is completely forbidden to play with "noclip". It is only used when a player needs help.

Abuse of powers by admin or not fulfilling their duties will be punished.


Tariff of punishments:

Failure to follow Admin instructions - ( Warning/Kick/Ban 10min - 120min )

Abusive/racist/vulgar nickname - ( Warning/Kick/Ban 60min - 1440min )

Impersonating an Administrator - ( Warning/Kick/Ban 60min - 10800min )

Using programs/scripts which make the game easier - ( Permanent Ban )

Exploiting server bugs - ( Warning / 24h Ban / 7 days )

Advertising other servers / server networks - ( Ban 10080min - Permanent Ban )

Taunting / ridiculing / criticizing other players or their person - ( Warning | Mute/Gag 30 - 1440min | Ban 30 - 1440min )

Spamming in text chat - ( Warnings/Kick/Mute on say 10min - 480min )

Abusing microphone - ( Warning/Mute on microphone 30min - 10080min

Playing music or other binds - ( Warning/Mute on microphone 30min - 10080min )

Abusing the microphone before mutation - ( Warning/Mute on microphone 480min - Permanent Ban )

Failing to follow map objectives (Zombie invades camp, CT defends it) - ( Warnings/Kick/Ban 30min - 1440min )

Destroying other players camps - ( Ban 1440min - 10080min )

Blocking other players and their bases with blocks - ( Ban 1440min - 10080min )

Shooting at zombies which do not enter your base - ( Ban 30min - 1440min )

Shooting in the TT spawn - ( Warnings/Ban 30min - 1440min )

Cooperating with the opposing team - ( Reminder/Ban 30min - 1440min )

Ping above 150ms - ( Warnings/Kick/Ban 10min - 60min )

Excessive AFK - ( Ban 10min - 60min )

Entering own base, through the base of others - ( Warnings/Ban 10min - 120min )

building on Zombie's spawn - ( Ban 480min - 10080min )

Not keeping a proper distance from other builders - ( Warnings/Kick/Ban 10min )

Entering or leaving in order to change teams - ( Warnings/Kick/Ban 10min - 60min )

Exceeding the limits in camp (pixel, minus, square, surf etc) ( Warnings/Kick/Ban 10min - 120min )

Three or more persons on base ( Warning/Kick/Ban 10min - 60min )

Escape from base ( Warning/Kick/Ban 10min - 480min )

Reconnect ( Kick/Ban 30min - 1440min )

Leveling up/farming money acquisition in a way other than game play according to rules [1.33] - ( Level and money - Reset + Ban 10080min )

Building a spawn base on purpose, so that during an invasion part of it is removed by our anti-build spawn system, preventing TT entry ( Warning/Kick/Ban 1h-24h )

Making "missiles" (jumping at the start of the round to remove someone blocks) ( Warning/Kick/Ban 1440 - 10080min )

Deliberate use of BUG with infinite ammo ( Slay / Ban 10080min )

Nick without the required 3 letters [1.36 reg] (Warn / Kick / Ban 60 - 120 / Ban 1440)

Insulting players' parents - ( Warning | Mute/Gag 1440 - perm | Ban 30 - 10800min )

Entering to someone base to another base as a Zombie - ( Warning/Ban 10min - 120min )

Entering to smeone base without party ( Warning/Kick/Ban 10 - 120min )

It isforbiden to insturb the work of administrators by giving info to other players about the arrival of administrators on a hidden slot. (Mute / Gag 10 - 60 min. | Ban 10 - 60 min.)


Authors @ Karcok @ Dudnes

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