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In this section you can work off your warning on the forum or write an appeal against it.

Appeal against a warning received



Reason for receiving a warn:
Warn was right/wrong: 


Additional information:

  • Before you write an appeal, be sure to read the forum rules carefully, you will find in them the reason for receiving a warning.
  • When appealing a warning, try to describe the situation and the reason for receiving a warning in a descriptive manner, while remaining polite.
  • The administration has the right to reject an appeal against a warning without giving a reason, in a situation where a user has intentionally violated the rules.
  • Any user has the right to appeal a warning, for this purpose the Administration will verify that the warnings were correctly given.
  • A person who is temporarily banned (warned) cannot shorten the ban in any way.
  • Subject name: Appeal of a warning - nickname


Removal of warnings



Number of warning points:
Method of making up:


Additional information:

  • If you want to work off a warning, you must make a total of two topics for the forum: it can be a tutorial/article, 2x articles or 2x tutorials. Topics must be readable, contain a sufficient amount of content and, above all, written independently (modeling on a source is welcome, but the work must not be copied). The administrator will decide himself, based on the quality of the content, whether the user will be removed only one point of warnings or even two.
  • We can also make up for all warnings in the way of funding: https://sklepcs.pl/?p1=katujemy&p2=sklep&p3=2078&u=3417
  • A person who has a ban on the forum can also work it off through the store - https://sklepcs.pl/?p1=katujemy&p2=sklep&p3=2078&u=3417
  • Subject name: Odpracowanie ostrzeżeń - nickname


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