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§1 General rules

  1. By registering on the forum you accept these rules, the rules of netiquette, and agree to the processing of the data provided in the form.
  2. The administration of the service has the right to make changes to the regulations at any time without informing the user at that time.
  3. Each user of the service is entitled to have one account. Having multiple accounts may result in deletion or blocking of all accounts of a given user. In the case of a shared IP address, you must immediately contact the administration.
  4. Throughout the forum it is forbidden to place reflinks & advertisements of other game server networks than Katujemy.eu.
  5. All issues that are not covered by these rules will be dealt with individually by the administration of the site.
  6. A server that is not owned by Katujemy.eu can have a maximum of three owners and three maintainers.
  7. If you do not agree with the above regulations, ask the Administrator to remove your account or block it.


§2 Publishing various types of content on the forum

  1. Prohibition of posting content on the forum: illegal, offensive, vulgar (with vulgarisms also), discriminatory, Nazi, fascist, racist, pornographic or violating personal property i.e. copyright or privacy.
  2. It is forbidden to speak out in one's applications.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to publish content aimed at: initiating conflict, various types of disputes and provocation.
  4. The user may speak freely on the forum abiding by the rules.
  5. Signatures of users must not be too large, "heavy" and flickering. If a moderator or administrator deems a signature too large, he has the right to remove it. 
  6. Avatars of users must not be too big, "heavy" and flickering. If a moderator or administrator deems an avatar inappropriate, he has the right to remove it. 
  7. The author of the topic has the right to refresh his topic once every 24 hours since the last post.
  8. Throughout the forum it is forbidden to publish works that are not your own (plagiarism). If you are not the author of the published work, you must provide the source from which the information was drawn.
  9. There is a "report content" option on the site. A user who uses this option without any reason may receive a warning.
  10. If you speak out in any application, you must give 3 arguments why you are for yes or no. (We do not quote the answers of others and do not write "yes as above" and do not make statements like "I am neutral").
  11. It is forbidden to artificially acquire reputation points and award them without a specific reason. All levels of reputation are taken into account: positive, neutral and negative.
  12. The rules of the section in which the content is published are part of the forum rules.
  13. The user is obliged to name topics according to their content.
  14. It is forbidden to overuse colors and fonts in the content, the use of which may cause illegibility, conspicuousness and generally not fit with the rest of the topic.
  15. It is forbidden to write posts in capital letters and those that do not have any meaningful content and/or are without any relevance to the whole (aiming to acquire posts or responses such as "Nice", "Cool" "Interesting").
  16. A club can be established by any registered person, but if the Administration considers that it violates the rules of the forum (the name is; vulgar, racist, insulting, etc.) it may remove the club without prior notice.
  17. It is completely forbidden to artificially acquire posts in clubs. The administration may consider that the topic there was created only to increase the amount of content in the account.
  18. Content that is in inappropriate sections will be moved or deleted. Moderation has the right to change the name of the topic and also edit the content.
  19. Try to write according to the rules of the Polish language, if you are dyslexic, have dysgraphia, etc. you can use the Internet.
  20. It is forbidden to disclose a user's private messages. NOTE: The user has the right to report the content of a private message for review by moderation using the content report function.
  21. We close topics 5 days after writing the last post (exceptions possible).
  22. We move topics to the archive no sooner than 2 weeks after writing the last post. 
  23. All content that breaks the rules may be hidden or deleted by moderation.


§3 User accounts

  1. Nick may not contain: special characters, vulgarisms, links to external sites and phrases: racist, Nazi & fascist. In case of violation of this subsection, the administration has the right to change the nickname.
  2. The number of 6 active warning points on the profile means blocking the account forever. In this case, there is a second chance - the purchase of unlocking the account in our store. Before making the purchase, we advise you to contact the administration. The administration may refuse to perform the action after the purchase of the service.
  3. An account whose registration has not been confirmed is deleted after 14 days from the date of registration.
  4. The owner or Administrator may block a user's account without giving any reason.
  5. You can delete your account using your forum account settings. The account will be deleted within 30 days.

  6. If a user decides to delete his/her account, he/she is forbidden to create more - other accounts.

  7. Users serving on groups: UnbanTeam, Editor, Server Owner, Server Supervisor cannot have active warning points on their account. In case of receiving warnings while holding a function, the user has 7 days to work them off.


§4 Warnings

  1. For violations of the rules described in the regulations, the user will receive warnings.
  2. Warnings do not have a fixed number of points assigned for a given offense. This means that the one giving the warning (Moderation and Administration) will choose the number of points the user will receive themselves.
  3. The Administration can give a user a warning even for a thing that is not included in the regulations, as the latter cannot specify every issue.
  4. The user has the right to appeal against a warning in the designated section. He has 3 days to do so, counted from the moment the site is accessible to the user again.
  5. A person with a temporary blocking of the account (warnings) does not have the opportunity to shorten it more quickly.
  6. Functional groups from the Server Supervisor upwards are not allowed to have warnings on their account, in case of receiving a warning, the time to work off the warning is 7 days from the time of re-access to the site for the user.
  7. Each user can only work off a total of 6 points of warnings. The limit for working off warnings resets globally on January 1 of each year.
  8. A person who has a premium group cannot pass on the forgiveness of a warning to another person.
  9. The list of restrictions for each warning is as follows:

    » 1 warn- restricting the addition of new content for a period of 2 hours.

    » 2 warns - restriction on adding new content for 12 hours + temporary suspension from the forum for 6 hours.

    » 3 warns - Restriction on adding new content for 2 days + temporary suspension from the forum for 1 day.

    » 4 warns - Temporary suspension from the forum for a period of 4 days.

    » 5 warns - Temporary suspension from the forum for a period of 7 days.

    » 6 warns - A permanent suspension from the forum.


§5 Chatbox

  1. Chatbox is used for casual conversations.
  2. Excessive spamming is prohibited.
  3. A maximum of 4 posts in a row by one user is allowed.
  4. The chatbox is governed by the rules described in this regulation, which is in addition to the globally prevailing rules.
  5. Swearing is allowed only in moderation, while insulting and provoking others is prohibited.
  6. The chatbox is not used to solve topics and problems.
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