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Odwołanie od bana - BLACK SHORTS, WHITE T-SHIRT

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Nick admina banującego: `BOT << Lol Mi Cie >>

Data/Mapa: 28.06.23

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:33524080

Serwer (mod):  only DD2#2                             

Opis sytuacji: I killed this admin few times and it wasn't super strange.  After this I was moved to spectators. It's hard for me to understand info from console, I am not from Poland.  After some time I understood that I have to make wargod check.  I messaged in the chat "who is admin?" coz I needed help, but I didn't get answer. After few minutes map chenged and I couldn't connect to the server. I got permanent ban,  because I killed the admin several times and he didn't like it. Although there was nothing unusual about these kills. This admin didn't even go spectator to make sure there was something wrong with my game. And ignored me when I needed help. I think that his actions are incompetent.  Thanks to the admin "Problem". I have done wargod check   at his request before (maybe 1 month ago. It was my first time, I didn't know anything about how to do this and what it is). And he helped me in that moment, because I din't understand nothing.  I messaged him again and he explained me how to appeal this ban. So what I have to do next? I can send demo if you need. And admin BOT,  tell me please, which of my kills surprised you? What unusual did you notice in my game man? and please next time check players better before you do permanent ban. Now I have to spend time to solve this. 
I play cs 1.6 since 2007. And I have never used cheats. So stop do this stupid wargod's checks in normal situations. Do it when you are confident, but not when you were killed 2 times on position knowledge and on reaction.  And please, main admin, if you will read this, make something with this situation, because I messaged in chat to the admin, I needed help, and he ignored me. 
I can send any proofs which you need. 

Wycinek z konsoli: 

-- Admin "`BOT << Lol Mi Cie >>" z powodu podejrzen karze ci wykonac WarGod'a
-- WarGod polega na przeskanowaniu plikow CounterStrike
-- gracza podczas gry, jesli opuscisz serwer zostanie
-- to uznane za ucieczke i otrzymasz bana (perm)
-- W celu wykonania WarGod'a wejdz na adres podany nizej
--             >>      www.wargods.ro/wcd/download.php      <<
-- 1. Pobierz wersje odpowiednia dla twojego systemu
-- 2. Uruchom pobrany program i wykonaj skan
-- 3. Wyslij link raportu uzywajac konsoli lub na forum
-- say link_do_raportu
-- say https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2334701
--                      Zatwierdz Enter / przycisk Submit
mini Rzuca SMOKE
Осталось:  4:53
[Gold Nova I] [VIP] *DEAD* Najduch :  timeleft

||| Zostales zbanowany
||| IP: 
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:0:33524080
||| Przez admina: `BOT << Lol Mi Cie >>
||| Powod: Ucieczka Od Wargoda
||| Czas nadania bana: 27.06.2023 - 23:19:30
||| Dlugosc bana: Permanentnie
||| Wygasnie: Nigdy
||| Zapraszamy na Katujemy.eu do wyjasnienia sytuacji




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  • Moderator

I see you aren't from Poland, you're from Ukraine, right? I know you might have had trouble understanding the situation. I understand it. This is "normal situation" to check, if XYZ player isn't using cheats, instead of banning them permanently instantly. Your scans all look clear. The decision will be made by @  Problem . Wait for his response. 


WarGods'y są czyste, trzeba wziąć pod uwagę to, że nie jest on Polakiem i nie wiem, czy admini nie chcieli mu pomóc - to musisz sam sprawdzić. Decyzja należy do Ciebie. 



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  • Donor

Hello my friend, I see you managed to write it. in general, yesterday I already explained everything to you on steam what and how. you have ub from me!


@ blackshorts If you have any problems with this again, you know where to find me. I wish you a nice day


@ kejmaN. @  Łasica  decyzja wygląda nastepująco... UB dla gracza. Dzieki i miłego

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