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Odwołanie od bana - Hector

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Twój nick: Hector

Nick admina banującego: True

Data/Mapa:  2023-06-04 16:00 Mirage #4

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199309694822/

Serwer (mod):  ONLY MIRAGE #4                       

Opis sytuacji:  Simple as that i was going underground and heard one short scoping or whatever, checking window usually there is  someone popping up with their head then i was checking conn no one was there and then i got banned for bhop and wallhacks great evidence right. Let me know  if you want more clips i got the demo downloaded ( I also bought vip, and a knife recently so i dont why i would even consider in my human brain to even think to cheat 


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