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Report the cheater

In this section, you can report a cheater.


  • Any player has the right to file a complaint against the administration or users.
  • Appeals/complaints not written according to the template will be thrown in the bin.
  • If an Administrator is flagged by the UBT, he/she is obliged to speak up in the topic concerning him/her.
  • Witnesses are not evidence. Any submission must be supported by evidence such as - screenshots or demos. 
  • UNBAN™ members have 48h to reach a verdict after a report has been published.
  • If you have doubts or are not satisified with the verdict of the UBT members, you have the right to write a report. It will be considered by the UBT Supervisor/Administration of
  • the forum.
  • The demo can be recorded (POV), or downloaded from HLTV.
  • In case of divided opinions, the server owner decides on the ban.
  • Only UNBAN™ members and people who have been asked to do so are allowed to speak in submissions! Other statements will be hidden and punished with a warning.



Your nickname:
Suspect's Nickname:
STEAM_ID of suspect:
Cheat Type:
Server (mod):

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