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  1. Co ty o tym wiesz Czy się na tym znasz Czy dowodzik masz Wolisz grass czy hasz No i jaki staż, czy nie żydzisz też? Jak spytasz to ja raczej wole jazz Płuco już nie te, ale więcej chce We krwi krąży wiesz, tona THC To rozluźnia mnie

Why We are legend?

Katujemy is legendary network of CS: GO and CS 1.6 servers, which has been continuously for you since 2014. We constantly strive to improve our servers and we carefully maintain them in the best condition. Thanks to the varied game modes and high attention to quality, we are a timeless network where everyone will discover something for themselves. We offer a multi-thematic, aesthetic and unique forum with a rational Administration at the highest level. If you are looking for stability, fun and a unique place, then Katujemy is just for you.

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