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Ban appeal

In this section you can appeal the block you received on TeamSpeak 3 or Discord.


1. Ignorance of the rules of the forum/server does not exempt from compliance with them.

2. In the case of an appeal of a ban, the admin must comment on the topic within 24 hours.

3. The person appealing a ban has 48 hours to appeal.

4. The server owner/admin will consider the complaint within 48h.

5. The server owner has the right to reject the appeal without justifying the reason.

6. The appeal can only be written by the person who was banned, not by third parties.

7. The topic should be written with the pattern seen above. Topics written without the pattern will be thrown in the trash.

8. In your appeal, keep the culture!



Your TS3 UID / Discord ID:
Nickname of banning admin:
Date of incident:
Reason for getting banned:
Description of the entire situation:

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